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Introduction :- Solid Ground To Build On Part 1

Almost everyone marries! Although the death of marriage as an institution has been forecast for years, it is still alive and kicking. The majority of people regard marriage as highly desirable. At the same time the divorce rate is alarmingly high even among the Christians, and countless couples endure rather than enjoy being married. A common caricature of marriage is a besieged city, with all those outside wanting to get in, and all those inside wanting to get out. This hardly reflects an honoring of marriage! Most people harbor expectations of marriage that are unrealistic. Their idea of marriage itself is the doorway to being "happy ever after" (Disney-like fantasy). Yet, it is possible for couples to enjoy a superb marriage. But such successes are rooted in the real world rather than in the pursuit of illusions.

I. Liken Marriage to building a house :- Matthew 7:24-27.

A. Here we have a parable about obedience to Jesus and His Word. It deals with the importance of foundations. The foundation on which you intend to build your life is of vital significance.

B. The parable is all about two houses which look the same. Both face the same fierce conditions, one stands securely while the other crashes in ruins.

C. The big difference between the two is beneath surface level, in the foundations.

D. The purpose of this seminar is to help couples do the preparation work necessary to lay a foundation for a lasting and fulfilling marriage.


II. Weak Foundations

A. Foundations are just not strong enough, even though they may appear to be for a time.

B. Check through the following list of weak foundations, and begin to ask yourself whether you are building on sand.

1 Romantic love and emotion marriage as one long honeymoon
2 Material prosperity beautiful home & Possessions
3 Self-interest someone to love "me", provide for "me" and look after "me"
4 Escape clause "I will love you if...." availability of divorce if things don't work out.
5 Charm and personality pleasantness & sense of humor rather than character
6 Sexual attraction physical beauty & passion


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