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The Foundation of Marriage Part 2

Unconditional Love & Compatibility

A. Five Major areas of Difference

a. Gender

b. Family Backgroud

c. Temperament

d. Personal Expectations

e. Culture

B. Understanding Differences

1. Differences complement

In order to lay a foundation of unconditional love it is important to consider differences between you and your fiancee. While it is normal for there to be differences because people who are opposites are attracted to one another in marriage, these differences can contribute to the strengthening of the marriage where husband and wives compliment each other (ie. one partner has a strength and the other a weakness).

2. Differences can cause conflict

Major differences though, are a significant hurdle which a relationship must find a way to handle or it will become a stumbling block driving a couple apart. The greater the difference, the greater the demand on unconditional love A question needs to be answered honestly before marriage:-

Can I love my partner unconditionally and accept him/her as they are with all their differences?



Covenant marriage is an unconditional love commitment to an imperfect partner.

A lasting marriage can be built when a man and woman leave the security of their own families and enter into a marriage covenant, thereby forming a bond based on mutual unconditional love.


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