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Welcome to The Christian Foundations for Marriage

When we begin a new stage in our lives we have some apprehensions not knowing that it will bring. We also do not realize what it will take to make it work. So too with marriage, there are skills, knowledge and understanding to be acquired. This seminar is designed to help you gain what you need to make your marriage relationship succeed. As with anything in life though, the result is determined by the effort you put in. Successful marriages don't just happen, they are built by hard work and investment and they need to be maintained. You are going to learn keys that will make a difference in your married lives together, skills that you can apply and understanding of how to relate to each other.

This online e-learning course is the teaching component of the Pre-Marital preparation given by the DearestChristian Ministry.


Section One: Getting Ready - Solid Foundation, Christian courtship, Are you ready?, Practical guidelines
Section Two: The Foundation of Marriage -
Foundation of Marriage, Unconditional love and compatibility
Section Three: Leaving & Cleaving
- Principles of Leaving and Cleaving, In-Laws
Section Four: Expectations of Marriage
- Common Myths, Check your expectations
Section Five: Practics of Marriage-
money, taking a mortgage, accumulation strategy for the couple

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