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Introduction :- Solid Ground To Build On Part 3

VI. Are you ready for marriage?

A. It's understandable that some couples spend more time preparing for their weddings than they do for their marriage.
B. Being prepared for your wedding does not equal being prepared for your marriage
C. Wedding plans seem far more tangible than marriage.

The choice of a life partner is an important decision. There is a saying, which goes: "Open both eyes before marriage keep one eye closed afterwards." Get to know your potential spouse well. Not only should you ask whether this person is right for you, but ask yourself if you are a suitable mate for this person.

Research has shown that people who have the capacity for love, the ability to understand, the feelings of others and are responsible, secure and economically stable make better marriage partners. Similarity in religious faith, family background, lifestyle and outlook in life also add to the stability of the relationship. (Article continues below...)


In considering compatibility for marriage, a person's capacity to reason and communicate is more important than his or her educational level. You need to communicate effectively to work through problems and resolve conflicts. If you and your potential spouse have frequent quarrels and are unable to resolve your disagreements, one or both of you may not be mature enough to be married.

Economic stability refers to the ability to hold a job and to earn enough to maintain an acceptable standard of living. Those who have a positive attitude towards work and have acquired skills via training and education are likely to be economically stable. Another factor that contributes to economic stability is the ability to accept a standard of living which is within one's means.

Awareness of your potential mate's family background, including upbringing, home life and childhood is crucial to understanding him or her. Similar backgrounds and religious beliefs usually strengthen the marital bond. Honesty, patience, consideration and trustworthiness are desirable traits of a potential spouse.
An understanding of marital responsibilities is a key ingredient for a successful marriage. A person who understands what marriage involves is better prepared for marriage than one who plunges into it naively. Take a keen interest in marriage and family life.


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